Savannah steak offer lives up to advertising

Viewer concerns prompts WSAV to look into offer some say is too good to be true

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Cautious consumers bring concerns about a possible bait and switch advertising campaign to WSAV, questioning the legitimacy of an ad touting ribeye steaks for a $1.50 apiece.

5 Star Steaks is the business in question because they are not a brick & mortar butcher. The company has a tent and a refrigerated truck set up outside the Oglethorpe Mall off Abercorn Street in Savannah.

The mobile nature of the operation has some wondering if this is one of those deals that’s too good to be true.

Tom Stephens with the Better Business Bureau says there are some businesses who prey on the public using false advertising, then they make excuses why the extraordinary offer is not available.

“‘Cause when they go there and try it, it’s sold out or it’s not available anymore or something like that […] that’s bait and switch advertising. It’s definitely illegal.” Stephens said.

WSAV approached the 5 Star Steak operation to see if the offer was valid and without hesitation, the representative, who did not identify himself, said 20 steaks for $30 dollars is a bonafide deal that they are offering, but we had to talk inside their tent.

A case of 20 steaks for $30 dollars from 5 Star Steaks.

A second company representative inside, who also did not give his name, said the deal was valid after he talked with us for a moment.

A ten-minute sales pitch followed, with the 5 Star Steak guy offering the whole case with a variety of steaks for $289 dollars. To sweeten the deal, he said he’d throw in a $169 dollar case if chicken for free.

At the end of the pitch and after declining the bulk buy of meat, they sold the 20 steaks for $30 dollars. 5 Star Steaks plans to remain at Oglethorpe Mall for a few more weeks.

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