Road rage wreaks havoc in Chatham County

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – At the end of the work day, the roads are packed and people are rushing to get home. However, police say you need to have some patience or else you could face some severe consequences.

“Being arrested for aggressive driving is probably the least of concern,” Chief David Lyons, with the Garden City Police Department, said. “If that individual had been seriously injured or killed, then you have a homicide investigation and she’s going to be charged with vehicular homicide.”

Chief Lyons is referring to a road rage incident that happened in May.

“Motorcycle’s out playing games with this lady, cut her off and then was breaking in front of her and she wound up hitting the motorcycle and knocking him off the motorcycle,” Lyons said.

The man was not seriously injured, but the woman was arrested for aggressive driving.

This aggressive driving has police in Chatham County on edge. Just last week there was an incident in Pooler where the road rage ended in gunfire.

Garden City Police said so far they have not had any problems, but they are still on the lookout. Sometimes drivers go a little too far.

“If the driver of that truck has a gun and they go after the car, now you’ve got a shootout going down the highway. Somebody’s going to get hurt,” Lyons said.

With weapons, cars, and aggression in the mix, police are concerned for the safety of everyone on the road.

“People have got to calm down and let that go,” Lyons said. “[If] a guy cuts you off in an intersection out here, or he passes to close, let it go.”

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