WSAV celebrates Founder’s Day of Caring 2017

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Dancing, playing bingo and teaching about the news business. Founder’s Day of Caring 2017 is full of memories.

“It’s been a fun day,” Laura Valentine, one of the senior citizen’s, said. “It’s thrilling. It’s a good feeling to be with the crowd that I’m with every day.”

It’s an opportunity designed by WSAV’s parent company Nexstar Media Group to give back to local communities.

“It’s a good experience,” Vivian Johnson, another senior citizen, said. “It makes everybody be happy and learn how to do wonderful things.”

More than 100 markets in the company and thousands of employees volunteered time as a service to our communities.

“We here at WSAV are out doing the same in recognition of the service that the company has provided over these last 21 years,” Marc Hefner, the General Manager of WSAV, said.

We spent the day teaching others about what we do so they could get the whole news experience. We also learned a thing or two about how important it is for these seniors to have a place to go.

“I like everything about it,” Donald J. McCord, a senior citizen, said. “The people here we come here and talk and play bingo and I go in there and work out in the work out room.”

Last October those activities weren’t an option.

“The hurricane came in here and tore down the roof up here and we were out of here for about two and a half to three months,” McCord said. “The days that we were supposed to come over here we got on a bus right out there and went to Port Wentworth to the senior center in Port Wentworth.”

Hurricane Matthew temporarily took closed the Thunderbolt Senior Center.

“We wanted to get back in our own building even though the people around there were real nice,” McCord said.

Stories like these are what Founder’s Day is all about. Learning from our community and finding ways to give back for the long run.

“We’re very pleased to be a part of this day of service and look forward to doing this every year,” Hefner said.

People at the Senior Center say they were more than happy to have us and would like to invite you to volunteer as well. Each area WSAV volunteered at Friday is listed below if you would like to join in the fun.

Ruth Byck Day Center – (912) 236-0363

Thunderbolt Senior Center – (912) 352-4846

Savannah Homeless Authority – (912) 790-3400

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