President Street improvement project progress report

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Motorists driving through the President Street road improvement project won’t see the end of the road work until the end of the year – that’s the word from Project Manager Zach Hoffman.

“We’ve realigned Randolph Street here, which was never part of the original job,” Hoffman said. “The consolidation settlement of the roadway, the new roadway, we had greater settlement than anticipated, so we had some unanticipated things on the job.”

The original estimate for completion of the improvements called for the road work to be finished by mid-2017.

The upgrades include raising the road to deal with frequent flooding at the intersection of General McIntosh Boulevard and President Street.

The work also focused on fixing that intersection, changing it from an angled intersection into a traditional “T” shape.

Hoffman says the unanticipated delays with material settling and the upgrade to the Randolph Street access to General McIntosh are pushing completion back six months,

“We’ve legitimately added some time to the contractor to the contract and to account for that and at this time, we’re looking at the end of this year,” said Hoffman.

More than 25,000 motorists use President Street as the eastern gateway in and out of downtown Savannah every day. There have been several major shifts in the traffic patterns since the work started two years ago.

Hoffman says there is one more major shift coming before road crews wrap up their work on the project. That shift will take vehicles over the new bridge over the north side of the canal that crosses under President Street.

Probably the week after July 4th holiday, shifting traffic onto that new bridge, north half of the bridge, all 4 lanes will shift over to there, that will allow us to build the south half of that bridge, which will be the final configuration.” Hoffman said.

He adds that there is good news on the fiscal side of the project, as it is on track to come in under budget.

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