Video: NC mom loses arm in shark attack

(WCNC/NBC News) A North Carolina mom is back home and recovering after losing her hand and part of an arm during a shark attack in the Bahamas.

Tiffany Johnson was attacked by a large shark while snorkeling.

The shark bit off part of her arm in about 20 feet of water. Her husband James had just swam back to the boat moments before.

“Honestly it felt like I had bumped into something. I wasn’t alarmed. It didn’t hurt. So I looked to the right to see what bumped into and that was when I was face-to-face with a shark. He had my arm in his mouth. It was floating there just staring at me. So when I went to pull back is when the struggle began. He clamped down harder, thrashing,” said Johnson.

Fighting her way free, Tiffany saw part of her arm was now gone. She knew she needed to get back to the boat. She says it was a miracle she survived.

“God-given strength rose up and came inside of me and I remember thinking this is not the end. He is not going to take my life. I’m just so thankful to be alive, to share this story and I’m just praying that it will impact people’s lives and they can see God in it,” she said.

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