Video: Uber driver provides karaoke to passengers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) – It’s won’t take long to realize Chary’s car isn’t normal..

“People love to sing,” says Chary.

His wheels move a karaoke machine.

“They take it [microphone], they turn it on — oh it is real,” he says.

Every weekend, Chary gives people rides to remember.

It’s not just the iPad with lyrics though.

“To make it even more fun, I put some more lights in my car and they really like it,” says Chary.

He says through Amazon he’s only spent a few hundred bucks for the set up. He offers free water bottles, car charges and even cologne spray. He says he does it to stand out.

“If you have a car different, something like karaoke or a magazine, it takes their attention,” he says.

With hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from, Chary says his tricked out Uber leaves riders wanting to come back for an encore.

“They wanna keep being in the same car again and again,” says Chary.

Chary drives on the weekends throughout downtown Little Rock. For more information on his Uber ride visit his Facebook page.

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