Savannah Woman Takes A Stand to Revitalize Her Neighborhood

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A Cuyler-Brownsville Resident says she was tired of seeing all the blight and crime in her neighborhood, so she took a stand to help clean it up.

She contacted News 3 about her progress.

Jannavie Mumford has become a one-woman Army to change the reputation of her neighborhood and she says it hasn’t been easy.

Mumford moved here two and a half years ago. She says back then, there was litter all along West 37th Street, dozens of homes were boarded up and she says she didn’t feel safe living there.

So, she rallied her neighbors to help her clean up the trash, and she mailed letters to the owners of those dilapidated homes and asked them nicely to fix their property. Mumford says most of the homeowners agreed. Tonight, she feels a lot safer.

“I would not have been standing outside like this before, I wouldn’t have done it, I never sat out, now I feel a little bit better about sitting out, because I know no one’s gonna come up and shoot me or something,” says Jannavie Mumford, Cuyler-Brownsville Resident.

Mumford also contacted highway patrol. They installed a stop sign on her corner. She says that’s cut down on the car crashes right in front of her door.

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