Weather Wise Kids: How does it feel in Africa?

Well Jeremy, most of the information I know about Africa comes from the Lion King, but for your question I had to do a little extra research.

Africa is a huge continent, so you can imagine that the weather changes dramatically from top to bottom. The top half of Africa stretches through the northern hemisphere with the bottom half in the southern hemisphere.

Africa holds many heat-related records: it has the hottest extended region year-round, the hottest summer climate, the highest sunshine duration, and many more.

“Hot” often becomes a synonym for Africa, but the continent has several different climates.

The map shows the different climate zones in Africa. The hot desert climate of the Sahara Desert in red, the hot semi-arid climate on the Sahel in orange, and the tropical climate of central and western Africa in blue. Southern African has a transition to semi tropical or temperature climate in green.

Temperatures are hottest in desert areas, like the Sahara and are coolest across the southern portions. Colder weather is also found in the mountains and highlands.

Rainfall varies dramatically across Africa. The northern half has many deserts, where annual rainfall can be just 2 inches. The central areas, like the tropical rain forest, can have 150 inches of rain each year.

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