Local international relations professor reacts to Comey testimony

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Political experts say former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony could turn into a debate over “he said, he said”.

Seven pages of testimony and two and a half hours in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The focus? Nine private conversations Comey claims he had with President Trump about his investigation into Russia’s possible involvement in the 2016 Election.

Dr. Jose Da Cruz is a professor of International Relations at Armstrong State University. He says Comey’s testimony revealed no bombshells.

“There was something that really came out of it was the fact that the reason why Comey started taking notes. He said it was the nature of the individual. The President to meet with somebody like that, as Mr. Comey stated, is unusual and he said, ‘I felt uncomfortable’, but the interesting thing about it is he didn’t do anything about it,” says Dr. Jose Da Cruz, Professor of International Relations, Armstrong State University.

Da Cruz says Comey’s testimony could ultimately turn into a debate over “he said, he said,” unless taped recordings of those conversations come to light.

“If there are any tapes, the nature of the investigation will be something else. In this case it’s do you trust the President of the U.S., or do you trust the former Head of the FBI who perhaps feel a little bit of resentment that he was fired,” Da Cruz says.

The final word will be left with special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Da Cruz says his investigation could take months to complete.

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