Beaufort County Bookmobile makes a comeback

The Beaufort County Bookmobile makes 39 stops from island to island, acting as a library on wheels.

Beaufort County, SC (WSAV) – What’s old is new again in Beaufort County; the bookmobile is making a comeback.

Librarian Amanda Brewer is on a different page than the rest in the county.

In some cases, she straps the eager readers in before they step on board the library that comes to them.
“We can sign up for library cards, we can renew, yes, they check out books and have due dates but our route is every two weeks so we’re right back for people to turn them back in,” Bookmobile Librarian Amanda Brewer said.
For nearly a year, Brewer worked on the layout of the Beaufort County Bookmobile- she stocked the books and planned the stops.
“We have 39 stops all across the county from one island to the next,” Brewer said.
In the summer -especially- she sees a huge value in going where the kids are.
“There have been a lot of studies on “summer slide” and how students reading during the summer tend to maintain their grades and maybe even improve their testing scores,” Brewer said of the potential benefit students could gain from the bookmobile’s visits.
But there’s something special about going places like Bloom of Bluffton, where in-bound seniors get a chance to go somewhere that’s not as easy as it once was.
Resident Joanne Arnold reads with purpose.
“It makes you aware of everything, keeps your mind great,” Arnold said.
And this new experience not only feeds her more books to read, but has a bonus of a few new friends who take the time to share and compare the thrills of each cover.
“I’ll be glad to come back and compare notes with her,” Arnold said, referring to the bookmobile assistant who shared her love for a particular author.
The bookmobile is funded through impact fees, which is money that comes from commercial and residential development.
To get it up and running cost a little more than $140,000.

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