Students React: How social media can impact professional life

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The web is a great place to connect, share and potentially change your future but ten would-be Harvard students recently learned a hard lesson about online sharing.

After posting “offensive” memes and pictures in a private group chat, the University pulled their acceptances.

Evidence shows that whether it’s a school or a business, someone is always watching what users say or post.

One study shows that 35 percent of college admissions counselors look at potential student’s social media accounts before accepting them.

This policy drew mixed reviews when News 3 reached out to local Armstrong students.

“It kind of showcases your personality depending on what you post,” says Mukti Patel, an Armstrong student. “Depending on what you post colleges may not want that kind of person in their school.”

Others agreed that there is a clear divide between your personal and professional web presence.

“I think that social media should be your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat should be completely separate from your school and professional self,” says another Armstrong student Sam Glenn. “Social media is meant for connecting with friends and relaxing out of school.”

A survey shows that 60 percent of employers will not hire someone without researching them first.

48 percent of businesses say they have pulled a job offer because of what they saw posted from someone online.

Evidence of drug and alcohol abuse or suggestive or racist photos are usually the cause of employer’s pull.

“I have a job and we will look at people’s Facebooks before we bring them in for an interview,” says Janin Irby, an Armstrong student headed to medical school. “If you are putting something out that is entirely discriminatory or sexist or racist then maybe it should be pulled off.”

Despite the negative sides of an online persona, research suggests that images portraying a professional image and showcasing charity work can show you are kind and compassionate.

Tipping that balance might just help you get a job.



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