Family holds prayer vigil for man missing for a month

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Dozens of people cried out Wednesday night for information as to where Jamison Lemons is.

He was last seen in front of a house on Margery Street in Savannah one month ago.

His mother and many other loved ones said they need to know what happened to him and they’re afraid they won’t find out.

“I just need to see him,” Jamie Young, Lemons mother, said. “It’s not fair that if he is dead that I can’t have a funeral for him.”

Family and friends stood in a circle to pray on the street where Lemons was last seen.

“Being in this area really sends chills up my spine,” Claudette Clarke, Lemons’ Aunt, said.

People cried, prayed and comforted one other while not knowing where their son, brother, nephew and grandson is.

“We’re just trying to do everything we can to at least find him and bring him home,” Deborah Scott, his other Aunt, said.

When family members first heard what happened they were shocked.

“I was devastated, because we gave it awhile,” Clarke said. “After he didn’t even go and pick up his paycheck then we knew something was wrong. We started taking it a little more serious.”

They went to the house on Margery Street to talk to someone who might know where he may be.

“We went to that house right there were they last stayed together and we spoke with the young lady and the young lady just kept flipping her words up and down up and down up and down,” Clarke said.

That young lady was 26-year-old Brittani Brown who was killed Tuesday afternoon in a home off of 42nd street.

Police said the two used to date.
Now, Lemons’ family can only think of the worst.

“With all this here going on we have a funny feeling that he is gone and he’s going to be very very highly missed,” Clarke said. “We have come to terms that if he is gone then he gone, but we just want some closure.”

All Lemons’ family can do now is wait to find an answer.

“We have a mother right now who is dying still to know what really happened to her child. She has leads, we’ve went on those leads, but if there’s somebody out there who really really knows exactly what went on, but just please come and let us know,” Clarke said.
Police are still investigating where Jamison Lemons’ might be. If you have any information your asked to call Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020. You will remain anonymous and could qualify for a cash reward.

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