Armstrong State research team offers insight on Savannah burglaries

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A team from Armstrong State University is taking the power of data beyond the classroom.

Dr. Ray Hashemi along with other students are working to combat the persisting issue of burglaries in the Savannah area. In the past two weeks there have been more than 30 burglaries reported to the Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department.

He and his students, including one who is a former police officer, decided to gather information on the location of burglaries from 2013-2015. They plotted more than 5,000 burglary points gained from working closely with SCMPD. From there, they sought to develop “hot spots” meaning, “number of burglaries happened to an area that are very close together, same proximity” Hashemi said.

After plotting the hot spots, the team wanted to see if there were any noticeable land marks close to the crimes cases including, “distance from the pawn shop, distance from the liquor, say shopping centers, schools,” Hashemi said.

While the study is complete in its current phase, the mission now to set local police officer up for success in preventing future burglaries.

“This is another tool in a tool box for the authorities of the city to look at it and say ah! perhaps there is something here that perhaps we may attention or we plan for future,” Hashemi said.

The team looks to further its research to includes hot spots for other crimes, like rape and shootings. Dr. Hashemi told WSAV the results have not been handed over to SMPCD as of yet but look forward to sharing them when there is a request from the department.





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