Savannah protests against exiting Paris Accord; marchers ask local leaders to take action

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – The Trump administration stuck to their word, in doing that, shocked many in the environmental community after issuing a withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Locals here in Savannah took to Forsyth Park to protest the move.

“I don’t believe they have the environments interest at heart, I believe that they have big businesses and for people who will benefit monetarily from this,” says Dan Gilbert who’s a member of S.T.A.R. and organized the march.

Gilbert has now created a petition to have Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach adopt the Paris Climate Accord similar to what city’s like Atlanta have done.

This week the Trump administration announced its plans to leave the UN based Paris Accord.

“I think that climate change can be reversed and I think that the climate, the Paris Climate Accord is a wonderful step forward,” says marcher Melanie Christian.

Marchers like Christian are concerned it’s a step back. The U.S. joined hundreds of countries in 2015 to the accord voluntarily agreeing to reduce carbon emissions by 2025.

“We need to and we can challenge the paradigms that we’ve established for corporations and for profit and make it more inclusive of everyone on the planet,” St. Paul the Apostle Episcopal church leader Rev. Michael Chaney.

Those challenges the Trump administration calls too detrimental for the country’s economy.

“So we’re getting out but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that is fair and if we can, that’s great,” said the President in his public address earlier this week.

The move has been widely supported by local congressmen. That’s not the case with these dozens of people who ask now leaders at the local level take a stand on more environmental friendly policies.

“It’s not just an event about the Paris accord, this is an event about sustaining that we’ve been charged stewardship over,” says Rev. Chaney.

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