Goodwill assists in helping teens find jobs

SAVANNAH, Ga. – For teen’s searching for job assistance there is an organization that can help. Goodwill of Southeast Georgia does more than just sell clothes. They can also help you get a job.

They have a career center at the corporate officer in Savannah Sallie Mood Drive and they help more than just adults to find jobs.

“They may be 16 and they’re wanting to know ‘well, I have no work experience naturally, so what is it that I need to be learning; what are some of the soft skills I need to be developing now. We want to help people find the job or the career they’re looking for,’” Christian Noble, one of the job specialists, said.

This free service Goodwill provides helps adults and teens get on the right track to finding a job.

“We try to provide a warm setting for individuals to come in and ask questions where they’re not being judged,” Nobel said.

Noble helps you create resumes, cover letters and go through steps of getting a job. They use sites like to find jobs and even do interviews.

“I love the mock interviews because it’s essentially a practice session of what it would be like in an interviewing room,” Noble said.

It’s an effort to help teens during the summer months when they’re out of school.

“You can provide them opportunities where they are focusing on things that benefits them and not things that are gonna lead them to a life of violence,” Noble said. “Once you eliminate those barriers for youth not being able to get the opportunities that they want work you’ll eventually shorten the crimes rates.”

Just last month at one of the Savannah Forward meetings teens asked for opportunities to learn these types of skills.

“At Goodwill we don’t just focus on clothing,” Noble said. “We focus on, we try to cover, all basis of resources. We’re providing for the community because the community provides for us. Our youth are very important and in Savannah the numbers of our youth that we get that may be in school and the ones that are not in school we want to make sure that we’re helping all of them because that’s our future.”

Noble said the Goodwill door is always open. They also host a Facebook live video every Wednesday on the Goodwill Southeast Georgia page to give you advice.

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