Loyal constituent reacts to Tony Thomas Censure

Kathy Miller says she has known Savannah Alderman Thomas for many years now. She serves on the board of the Windsor Forest Neighborhood Association. “He responds to all of our needs and concerns and he always has,” she says.

With Thomas’s censure yesterday by the Savannah City Council for calling a reporter a nasty name, Miller says she’s “shaken, saddened and shocked. That last incident was just awful.”

By referring to it as “that last incident” she acknowledges there have been others, including a very public issue of Thomas appearing drunk in pictures taken on St. Patrick’s Day. “Yes of course I am embarrassed for him,” she told me. “But when anyone speaks negatively about Thomas, I tell them what I’m telling you which is that I have not seen it. I know it’s there but as far as I’m concerned in government and governing our neighborhood – he’s the best we’ve ever had,”

Miller says she is torn between believing in Thomas as a leader and being repulsed frankly by his personal behavior. “The mayor was right, his private behavior should be better, a whole lot better and Tony knows it,” she said.

Miller says if Thomas runs for office again, she would likely vote for him again. “I am supporting him because of what he does for us.even though I know that he’s given our district a black eye or two,” she said.

When asked what grade she would give Thomas these days she replied, “I would still give him an A as our Alderman but a D in public behavior.”

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