Funding for Savannah Harbor Deepening

Deepening the Savannah harbor has been labeled as one of the most important projects in the southeast by Georgia leaders. Recently, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson indicated concerns about the new proposed federal budget under the Trump Administration.

“The state of Georgia has put $248 million dollars of its own money in that port in a joint venture partnership with the United States federal government. We’re in the process of deepening it now, and all of a sudden there is no additional money in there for this year’s budget. Without this additional money, it puts the project at a higher cost in future years,” said Isakson.

The project is slated for a little over $50 million next fiscal year, but Isakson says it needs beween $80 to $100 million in federal funding every year to be completed on time by 2022. He’s asked the Administration to reconsider funding levels.

The Army Corps of Engineers tells us that completion depends on funding levels but also other issues such as land acquisition and accommodating certain environmental requirements. At this point, the Corps says it is still working toward the 2022 completion date.

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