SNEAK PEEK: An inside look at the Bananas new VIP club

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Savannah Bananas fans are already excited about the team’s upcoming season. Sure, they celebrated by meeting the team and bat dog Daisy at Monday night’s fan fest, but what they didn’t get to see is the Bananas’ new VIP Club.

“There used to be an old trailer there,” Jesse Cole, the Savannah Bananas owner, said. “So, as we enhance this ballpark, the city owns the ball park, so we’re trying to make this a better stadium for people for many years to come.”

Fancy lights and old photos of the Bananas the new ABR Stadium Club, located near third base, is decked out with all you’ll need during the ball games.

“People walk in each night we’re going to have a separate meal,” Cole said. “We’re going to have Gas Light group, Fish Camp, Social Club and Corleone’s and we have Full and Outback; different nights having these catered meals.”

And places like Service Brewing and Ghost Coast Distillery will be serving the drinks. It’s all from an idea that sparked last year.

“The preliminary ideas started this fall, and then the design work,” Cole said. “Basically, they’ve been working on it the last three months and it’s coming right down to the wire, but it’s going to be ready to go.”

It’s an effort that hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans.

“The community was very supportive,” Cole said. “It is an all-inclusive club that includes local restaurants, open bar and it’s got A/C , their own bathrooms and we’re just about to be complete. Ready to rock and roll Thursday night.”

The hotspot can seat more than 100 people indoors and out. They’re sold out for this year and already have people on a waiting list, but they are working to make it so you won’t miss out.

“So, it’s a really great exclusive experience and we’re fortunate it sold out in a matter of hours this year,” Cole said. “We’re gonna have look at how we can potentially enlarge it in the years to come.”

Crews are working around the clock to complete the project before opening night Thursday.

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