Reaction to possible censure of Alderman Tony Thomas

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Last April, Karen Thompson and Debra Kujawa found themselves facing the man who is responsible for protecting their interests on the city council, Alderman Tony Thomas.

They had filed an ethics complaint about a sign posted at his office that they said was confusing to constituents, claiming it promoted his private business.

But both women would be frank in saying what started the trouble had been a string of posts from Thomas about them on his personal Facebook page dating back to December of 2015.

Kujawa, who has since moved from Savannah, told News 3 by phone that she felt harassed by the name calling.

“And they were vile, vicious names and he (Thomas) just seemed out of control,” Kujawa said, “He kept calling me a liar, and the irony is I never wrote anything about him and I never said anything about him. I was only supporting another candidate which is my right.”

Kujawa says she felt betrayed not just by Thomas but all members of the city council, especially after the ethics commission hearing which ended in the complaint being dismissed.

“You know members of council never once said we’re sorry this happened. It was nothing, it was like we were almost disowned by the City. It was like ‘Oh well, that’s just Tony being Tony.’ And then he continued even after the ethics hearings were over to post vile things about me on Facebook.”

When Kujawa heard word that Savannah Mayor Eddie Deloach has called a meeting Wednesday in which he will ask the city council to consider censuring Thomas, she said it’s about time.

“One of the biggest problems I have with what happened to Karen and myself and what is going on right now is the total ineffectiveness of the council members and their lack of doing anything. The message to us was really, ‘Hey, that’s just Tony being Tony.'”

Kujawa believes whatever happens now in relation to Alderman Thomas, that it’s not impossible for leaders to do the right thing whether it’s official or not.

“I can’t imagine anyone not being in favor of censure but again that’s going to be between them and their constituents,” she said. “No leader should be able to have the attitude that that’s not my job or that well, I can’t control somebody’s behavior. You can at least be the person that says what is going on is not right.”

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