Local recording studio owner talks personal connection to Gregg Allman

SAVANNAH, Ga. – While Southern Rock legend Gregg Allman traveled with his brother and band mates around the world, he chose to make Savannah his home during the final chapter of his life.

“He’s just totally down to earth and cool and just talked about how much he loved Savannah,” Kevin Rose said.

Rose is the owner of Elevated Basement Studios in Savannah. He says for 17 years he worked closely with Gregg Allman.

“That’s a big reason we wanted to work with him. He didn’t want to go to New York or Nashville or L.A.,” Rose said.

Rose says most of their work was mainly centered on recording and producing collaboration pieces.

“For Gregg it was always about the music. I don’t think I ever heard him say, ‘Man, is this going to sell?’ It was always about is it going to feel right,” Rose said.

During their time working together, Allman recorded and earned two Grammy nominations.

After spending countless of days and nights working, the two became close have both lost a brother and sharing their love for guitars and fishing.

“Those were kinda when you got to see the real Gregg rather than the guy who’s walking the red carpet or doing something like that or the Grammys,” Rose said.

Funeral arrangements for Allman have not yet been released to the public.


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