Ft. Stewart soldier readies for deployment, searches for solutions to keep adopted pets together

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – A Fort Stewart soldier is awaiting deployment next month and may lose his adopted pets in the process. A local rescue group is sharing his story in hopes someone can help keep his fur-family together.

“I get excited when I think about them, if we’re like doing a training event for a couple of days and I’ll kind of anticipate coming back home and being able to see them.”

The last year and a half has been one of the most memorable for Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Williams. This is his second time he’s come through Fort Stewart. That’s coming to an end.

“I’m on my way out, I’ll actually be going overseas here in the next two weeks,” Williams says.

It’s now causing a problem within his fur family.

“I only have one valid plane reservation, for then one person and one pet,” he adds.

He’s being deployed and because he is not married, the military can only transport one pet with him. He adopted Jasmine and Tinkerbell nearly two years ago. They are sisters, and separating them is not an option for Williams.

“I might actually have to give these cats to another family,” says Williams.

He is allowed to have two pets while stationed in Germany, it’s getting them both there that’s his problem. All of his outlets in the service that could help keep both cats together can’t help him. So he’s turning back to the rescue for help.

“Most of the time people only want one cat so for somebody to want to adopt two that are paired it’s a very special thing because it shows they’ve taken the time to look into what it takes to raise two cats,” says Krystal Oblinger with Tabby Tales.

Right now the group is launching a campaign to help Williams. They are asking for donations to fund either shipping one cat to Germany, or asking for a foster flier to take one on board that then can meet back up with Williams.

“When a pet enters your home, they become part of your family and it’s a wonderful bond that you share with your pets, to lose that, we just don’t want to see that happen,” Oblinger adds.

The group says the best way to help would be to offer to “Donate” on their Facebook page.

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