Trump scolds allies for ‘not paying their fair share’

BRUSSELS (NBC News) – Behind the pomp and circumstance of the NATO summit in Brussels, Thursday was a more strained reception for President Trump.

Trump spoke at the new headquarters for NATO, the very group he once called “obsolete.”

Trump scolded America’s allies for “not paying their fair share” and later appeared to shove aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

While condemning the Manchester bombing as a “barbaric and vicious attack” the president notably did not reaffirm Article 5 of the NATO treaty, the group’s bedrock agreement that an attack on one one ally is an attack on all.

“It leaves our NATO allies desperately concerned about whether or not the United States is going to be for them, as we’ve promised to and as they they were for us after 9-11,” says Jake Sullivan, a former National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden.

There was also friction with British Prime Minister Theresa May after U.K. intelligence furiously blamed the U.S. for leaking evidence photos from the Manchester bombing to the New York Times.

“I will be making clear to President Trump today that intelligence that is shared between law enforcement
agencies must remain secure,” May said.

British investigators are now refusing to share information about the case with U.S. law enforcement.

President Trump has ordered the Justice Department to investigate the source of those leaks.

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