New School Superintendent Addresses New Role and Criticism


Savannah — (WSAV)

A closer look at the new leader of Savannah-Chatham’s Public Schools.  Dr. Ann Levett is speaking out – four days after a heated and controversial school board vote.  Levett says she’s focused on the children and moving the district forward.  She also addressed the fact that four school board members did not want her for the job.

Levett is taking over during a critical time for the district with 12 schools on the failing list, a divided school board and the school system facing an investigation by the district’s accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

“I also feel that an investigation gives you the opportunity to say you’re doing this well, or you may want to be cognizant of this behavior which may not be appropriate,” says Dr. Ann Levett, new Savannah-Chatham County School Superintendent.

Levett was narrowly approved by the school board by a vote of 5 to 4.  Many of the board members said they’d hoped to hire someone without ties to the community.  Others criticized Levett’s management skills.  Some calling it “a my way, or the highway” approach.

“That’s not my management style and anyone who works with me knows that’s not my management style.  I perform at a high level and I expect people who work with me to perform at that level because that’s what children deserve,” says Levett.

She says it’s now time to move forward.  Levett says her approach to her new role is pretty simple.

“I stay focused on the work.  I stay focused on the work,” she says.

Levett will officially be sworn-in as the new superintendent next week.



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