UK police say they won’t share information about attack with US after leaks

MANCHESTER (CNN) In the UK, eight people have now been arrested in connection with the terror attack in Manchester Monday night.

The attack killed 22 people and injured more than 60 others.

British authorities believe the attacker was a part of a larger network, but they’re concerned about leaks in the investigation.

Samuel Burke of CNN reports, “We now know that the suicide bomber passed through Germany on his way back to the UK from Libya, just days before the attack. At the same time, the hunt here for the masterminds is gaining momentum. Eight people are now under arrest, in addition to the brother of the suicide bomber, detained by a militia in Libya. They say that he admitted under interrogation that both he and his brother were members of ISIS.

And, the UK police say they will no longer share information about this investigation with U.S.  authorities after multiple leaks from u-s officials.”

British authorities are hunting for anyone connected to Monday’s deadly bombing at an Ariana Grande concert.

They believe the accused bomber, identified as Salman Abedi, was not acting alone.

Security has conducted raids and multiple arrests have been made.

Abedi’s former neighbor says the Libyan community in Manchester is furious with him:

Akram Ben Ramadan, Salman Abedi’s neighbor said, “A lot of people are very angry. I met a few boys this morning and they’re all very angry and said ‘this is going to affect our Libyan name.'”

U.S. military officials say Abedi spent three weeks in Libya and returned to the U.K. just before the bombing.

But there’s frustration among the British intelligence community about leaks after images of a purported explosive device used in the attack were published by the New York Times–which said British authorities provided access to photos of materials found at the scene.

But some details about the blast emerged before being released by British authorities.

UK officials fear leaks could undermine the investigation and reveal details to any other attack plotters.

Carlton King, a former Scotland Yard Special Branch and MI6 officer said, “They might have thought all the evidence was destroyed. Now they know that all the evidence wasn’t destroyed. So, you get that the operation is just hampered by it.”

So, now UK officials admit that sharing information with the Americans is crucial, but that the leaks were jeopardizing their investigation. Experts who have looked at the pictures of the bomb from CNN say that they don’t think it is likely that Salman Abedi could have made this bomb on his own, leaving open the very real possibility that another mastermind is still on the loose here in England.

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