Wilmington Island residents grateful to be okay after Tuesday’s storm

A home on Biltmore Road on Wilmington Island the day after a strong storm rolled through the area on Tuesday evening.


More than 30 homes have been damaged by trees as the storm blew through our area on Tuesday. Some people who live on Biltmore Road on Wilmington Island spent most of their Wednesday cleaning up debris from Tuesday’s storm.

News 3’s Courtney Cole went back to that neighborhood to take a closer look.

Strong winds and heavy rain tore through Biltmore Road on Wilmington Island on Tuesday evening. It’s an experience James Bulluck describes as, “Terrifying…my daughter was sitting right here, we were in this car coming down Walthour…”

That’s when Bulluck says he looked up and saw, “Pieces of tree, 300 feet in the air, just spinning around.” Then he said he moved as quickly as he could to put his car and reverse and get himself—and his daughter—to safety.

“My daughter’s screaming in the background, I’m backing into someone’s driveway. Stuff was hitting the car, the car was shaking,” Bulluck told News 3.

And while it may not have lasted long, “It was 30 seconds maybe…that quick,” it is something James Bulluck says he won’t soon forget.

“God was on my side yesterday afternoon…amazing…that’s why I’m riding around right now. I can’t believe we were in this car in this.”

This is just some of the damage we’ve seen here on Biltmore Road on Wilmington Island, which for some residents, is devastating, as some of them say they’re still trying to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

Beth Walker says she was in a driveway across the street from her house when the storm rolled in.

“It was very scary, I had never experienced anything like that,” said Walker.

She had a little clean-up to do on Wednesday before she headed to work, but told News 3 she’s just grateful it wasn’t worse.

“I am so blessed, I prayed very hard last night. Thank God my house is okay because my house was spared during Hurricane Matthew, too.”


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