City home repair program to help dozens this summer

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The City of Savannah is stepping up to the plate to repair your home by offering a program they’ve been using for the past 25 years.

“It means a whole lot,” Sandra Weston, whose family used the program, said. “My dad can get in and out of the house to go to church, to go to the park or wherever.”

Weston’s father is an 88-year-old veteran who’s confined to a wheelchair. Weston said his wheelchair ramp at his home was broken down and difficult to operate.

“Getting him in and out of the house when I get up to this area right here,” Weston said. “I had to sort of lean. It was a hurdle.”

But thanks to the Minor Home Repair program by the City of Savannah they no longer have any problems.

“This has been such a blessing,” Weston said. “It’s so much easier getting my dad in and out the house and we give thanks for the program.”

The City of Savannah housing department created the Home Repair Program back in 1992.

“We’ve established partnerships with 12 different organizations where they come to Savannah every year during the summer months and they work on low to income moderate family homes,” Luke Gardiner, with the City of Savannah Housing Department, said.

One of those volunteers came all the way from New York to help the Weston family.

“They came and they fixed it and gave him this lovely ramp because he’s a vet,” Weston said. “They picked up his name off the list.”

From exterior painting to roof replacement the incoming volunteers can help in many ways and they use funds the city provides.

“The City of Savannah Housing Department yields CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds to purchase the materials needed to carry out the work,” Gardiner said. “It allows the city of Savannah to leverage its dollars to help a whole lot more individuals.”

A program the city is more than happy to provide to its community.

“The amount of houses that need, or individuals that need, assistance is great,” Gardiner said. “The city has several resources in place to try to assist qualified individuals with the necessary repairs.”

City officials said they expect to repair at least 120 homes this year. The application deadline is June 16th.

If you would like to apply, or need more information, click here.

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