VOICE OF THE VIEWER: Players call Forsyth Park courts ‘deplorable’

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Forsyth Park is one of the crowning jewels of Savannah.

Its Spanish Moss lined tree walkways set the stage for a romantic visit. But travel to the south side of the park and some visitors say its athletic courts far from admirable.

“They haven’t resurfaced in a couple years and it’s been really terrible,” Tennis player Ben Savaria said.

According to the City of Savannah, it has been five years since the tennis courts have been resurfaced. Savaria calls their current condition, “deplorable.”

His fellow tennis player and long time friend, Warren Smart, called into WSAV to report the tennis courts’ condition.

“We call this a historic city. Look at these courts. Do these courts look historic. Yeah, old historic,” Smart said.

Smart showed WSAV the courts where there were visible deep crack in the courts’ surface. Along the cracking there were several weeds growing through the cracks.

Both men are in their 70’s and say they’ve been playing tennis weekend at the courts for decades.

“Oh I’ve seen three or four of us go down, hit a crack or something. Let’s face it at our age out balance isn’t as good,” Savaria said.

The men both say the condition inhibit their playing ability and raise a threat for injury.

“I mean when you play, a lot of shots hit the cracks and it’s almost impossible to play good tennis, you have to be an acrobat to,” Savaria said.

Both men say they have reached out to the City of Savannah to report the cracking, but was told, “We’ll get back to you,” Smart said.

While WSAV was looking into the conditions of the court, another man came running up to reporter Meredith Stutz pleading that she also look into the conditions of the basketball court, which also shared similar cracking and rotting of benches.

WSAV reached out to the City of Savannah and was told crews were sent on Monday to inspect the courts and all courts, basketball and tennis, were deemed ‘playable.’

The city cited its current budget as a reason not to tend to the conditions of the courts but this may change with future budgets and campaigns.

If you would like to report the courts, you are encouraged to call 311 and if have something you would like WSAV to look into, tweet us @WSAV or email us at breakingnews@wsav.com.

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