Summertime crime warns extra attention needed

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Burglary, larceny and car theft are the top three crimes happening in Savannah year-round.

During the summer months, the numbers have lowered since 2015.

In the month of June, Savannah had 62 fewer burglaries, 210 fewer larcenies and 60 fewer car thefts.

In the month of July, there was 1 less burglary, 108 fewer larcenies and 21 fewer car thefts.

In the month of August, there were 10 fewer burglaries, 10 fewer larcenies and 25 fewer car thefts.

Experts said these are more likely to happen during the summer months because people are away on vacation or they leave the car on to keep it cool during the sweltering heat.

“People are traveling, going out of town for short term/long-term vacations, so that is something you can have an immediate impact,” Gerry Long, the WSAV Crime Expert, said. “It’s great that there’s reduction in overall statistics, but you have to stay ahead of it and you have to continue to work on it and not get complacent in those safe behaviors.”

We can keep those stats from rising by taking a few small steps by letting your neighbors know you’re going on vacation.

You can also make arrangements for someone pick up your mail or tell the post office to hold it if you leave town.

Also, make sure your car is off and barely cracking the windows during the heat and all car and house alarms are working.

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