Hampton County Sheriff’s Deputy resigns after domestic dispute between a coworker and paramedic

ESTILL, Sc. (WSAV) – In Hampton County, a domestic dispute between a Sheriff’s deputy and a paramedic Thursday has caused one deputy to be placed on leave and another to resign.

Demetrius Gilyard, a Hampton County Deputy Sheriff, was eating dinner at the Estill Fire Dept. during his shift Thursday night when a fellow deputy, Theodore Cox, who was off duty at the time, showed up to talk to his former girlfriend, a paramedic who had recently broken up with him.

“I heard a scream, he choked her violently, strangled her, from the common area, um her back hit the door opening the door and they ended up on the hood of her car,” said Gilyard.

According to the police report, Cox was yelling at the woman inside, trying to get her to go outside. When she refused, the woman told police, he began choking her and pushing her out the door. Police Chief Mark Collins confirmed that she did have bruises around her neck and welting on her hip.

“I jumped up, took it upon myself to separate them, I separated him from her, she was very distraught at the time, she didn’t even move, um I got him off of her, um, he then directed his anger from her to me.”

Estill Police found Cox had his badge and gun with him at the time and charged him with domestic violence of high and aggravated nature.

Gilyard tells News 3 he and Cox were both suspended the next day.

“I felt like I did the right thing, I felt like I followed protocol, and I was kind of belittled for it, so I felt like my best idea would be to resign from the Sheriff’s office,” he said, “Because given the fact that if I was fired, there could be something placed on my certification.”

We spoke to the Hampton County Sheriff who said Cox has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

“To be there to witness it, and to break it apart, is what I got in this job for… to protect and serve. For me to be punished for that, it was shocking because I would think that me doing the right thing, I wouldn’t be punished for it,” Gilyard said.

The Sheriff did not comment on Gilyard’s choice to resign.

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