SCAD students beef up film project, shoot in local butchery

BLOOMINGDALE, Ga (WSAV) – Some local students have their eyes on Hollywood. They’re hoping a new film project will get some national attention.

Students with the Savannah College of Art and Design are currently shooting a pilot for a sitcom.

“When me and Paloma walked into this we knew this was the kind of environment we wanted for the show.”

The Bloomingdale Butcher’s Block is trading in butcher knives for grip mics.

“Me being a businessman I love the publicity so I said yeah sure,” says co-owner Jim White.

Students in SCAD’s film and production are making a twist on the story of junior Samantha Geis’ family. For thirty years her dad owned a meat shop.

“Basically the idea for this show is just all of the stories from my father and his buddies and friends and putting them to life in this TV show.”

A show they plan to pitch to network television.

“We’ve had customers and actually want to check out and see how it’s done, we’re hoping that SCAD that they shoot will get picked up by a network and it will be an ongoing thing here,” White says.

For White’s business, the four day shoot is a welcome surprise to the small business.

“You could never recreate this, you could never recreate this on a sound stage, I mean you could but it would cost you half a million dollars,” says college of Film and Television chair DW Moffett.

Moffett is overseeing the shoot while returning to his acting roots in it. He says the ambitions the crew has for it are definitely big.

“I’m going to go on camera and say, one of these five pilots that we are shooting right now is going to win an Emmy in one year, boom,” says Moffett.

They’ll shoot for one more day to make sure the right cut of meat is seen by networks.

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