New Developments: Two lawsuits filed in River St ramp collapse

River st Ferry Ramp Collapse in November of 2016

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The investigation by the City of Savannah into last November’s ramp collapse on River Street continues. Investigators have had to wait on some testing because certain tests needed would destroy evidence in this case.

Savannah officials also had to delay giving victims a chance to file lawsuits. The latest of those come from two couples who are asking for millions from Chatham Area Transit and the City of Savannah for what they “didn’t do” to protect the 30 people injured on that ramp.

“All of a sudden the ramp collapsed and it flipped over into the water,” explained a shaken Joann Send on November 20, 2016.

That’s what people on the River Street ferry ramp said and experienced November 20, when that ramp collapsed, sending 55 people plunging into the Savannah River.

30 people were taken to the hospital after River st ramp collapse


“People were screaming and the problem was people were holding on to you while you were trying to get up, it was very very scary,” continued Joann Send.

Howard and Anne Redlus and Bruce and Karen Adams each say negligence by the city and CAT led to the collapse, and their injuries. That suit says CAT who operates the ferry, “breached its duty” by failing to operate the ferry service “free from harm or defect.”

Even though the ramp was just temporary, the suit claims CAT “allowed passengers to stay on the gangway after the ferry had left.”

The city of Savannah, who owns the gangway, according to the lawsuit “failed to properly maintain the gangway”. Continuing, the “actions and inactions” of the city were the cause of the couple’s injuries and damages.

According to court documents, Anne Redlus suffered injuries including broken ribs and severe lacerations on her leg. Injuries that required weeks of treatment and could leave permanent scarring on her leg.

Howard Redlus suffered a shoulder injury and bruises. Combined, the couple is looking for about $2 million in damages.

The Adams’ suffered bruises and muscle strains. They are looking for about $100,000 in damages.

Three other people on that gangway have also filed suit against the city – they are all looking for various monetary damages.

So far – neither the city nor CAT have made public comment.

But in court responses, both sides are both pointing fingers at each other, saying the other is responsible for this accident and any injuries to the victims.


See the documents filed here: 

Redlus – Complaint Package

Adams – Complaint Package

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