Update: Thunderbolt Woman: My Backyard Still Looks Like a Jungle

Thunderbolt — (WSAV)

In a Voice of the Viewer Report, a Thunderbolt woman says her backyard still looks like a jungle, despite assurances that it would be cleaned up.

When News 3 first visited her home, Kassie Smith said she was afraid for her son to play outside because of the overgrown lot, beyond her property line.  The Thunderbolt Masonic Lodge owns the property.  One of their members met with Smith informing her they would clean it up.  But, Smith says no work has been done.

“They told me they were gonna take care of it, then they told me they were gonna come on Saturday,” says Kassie Smith, homeowner.

“Obviously, I’m not going to rip down every bush and tree that’s in the back of our property,” says Keny Dresler, with the Thunderbolt Masonic Lodge.


Smith told News 3 she’s already spoken to Dresler by phone.  We’ll update you once the issue is resolved.


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