Summer 500 looking for a few good employers

(SAVANNAH) The last day of school means the first day of a summer job search for thousands of high school students. In Savannah, hundreds have a head start thanks to the Summer 500 program, which started recruiting students and employers in late winter/early spring. This is the second year for the program, which drew more than 800 applications from high school juniors and seniors who are between 16 and 19 years old. that list was whittled to nearly 460 applicants, but there are just 320 jobs available right now.

Savannah Customer Service Administrator, Margaret Williams, says the city needs more people from the business community to step up and tap into this youthful job pool. “We’re short about 100 or so jobs so we’re still looking for employers to sign up. they can go to the city’s website. There’s a Summer 500 tab on the left. That will take them directly to the businesses link that will give them information about the program, tell them their requirements, and allow them to sign up directly.” Williams said. She adds the goal of the seasonal jobs program is to develop a stronger workforce and reduce juvenile delinquency in the Hostess City at the same time.

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