Second Harvest program to feed hundreds of kids this summer

SAVANNAH, Ga. – School’s officially out for the summer county wide and some kids may go hungry.

That’s why Second Harvest is kicking off its Summer Feeding Program this year.

Officials said 64% of kids in Chatham County qualify for free reduced meals, meaning it’s difficult for those kids to find a meal.

They also added 16.2% of people in our community don’t know where their next meal is going to come from.

“During the summer months we actually provide two meals a day,” Mary Jane Crouch, Second Harvest’s executive director, said. “We do it at lunch and breakfast and we do around 6,000 meals a day. We do it at different locations all around the city where they’re actually in their neighborhoods, the children can walk to it and get something good to eat so they have some good nutrition during the summer months.”

The program kicks off May 30th. Below is a list of places, dates and times they’ll be serving meals. If you would like to volunteer just click here for more information.

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