Special Report: Summer Home Safety

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Are you planning your next big get-a-way?  Don’t let your home become the target of thieves this Summer.

Burglars get in and out — they waste no time stealing your stuff.

Last year, just over 1500 homes were burglarized across Savannah.  We asked Savannah Chatham Metro Police Corporal Hillary Nielsen to perform a security evaluation on her home.

“It’s really important for our residents to make themselves harder targets,” says Corporal Hillary Nielsen with SCMPD.

The first step — upgrade your alarm system.  Police recommend buying glass break sensors.  Next, make sure your lights are on timers.

“Something super easy, you can install it yourself and set it to go on as the sun goes down and go off as the sun comes up,” says Nielsen.

Remember, don’t create hiding places for someone to commit a crime.  Trim your shrubbery.

Also — go high tech — install security cameras throughout your home and monitor them on your cell phone.  Anything from doorbell cameras to apps that let you view your cameras to security systems where you have a company monitoring it for you, there are plenty of options out there for you.

We know everyone wants to post their vacation pics on social media.

“Posting pictures making our trip plans, posting pictures while we’re away which seem super fun except what that’s also doing is letting other people know you’re not at home,” says Nielsen.

Nielsen says get your neighbors involved.  Have them pick up your mail while you’re out of town.

Also — let your local police precinct know you’re out of town.  They will set up officers to patrol through your neighborhood while you’re away.






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