Garden City Tornado Aftermath – two weeks later

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It was two weeks ago that an EF-1 tornado ripped through parts of Garden City.  Five people were injured.  Fourteen businesses damaged.

Today, the clean up continues.

It was a storm that seemed to come out of no where.  Without any warning, the tornado, packing winds of 110 miles per hour, tore through parts of Garden City.  Perhaps the hardest hit — the Advance Auto Parts Store on Highway 80.

There were several workers and customers inside the store when the tornado hit.  Miraculously everyone made it out safely.

“I know all the employees, they’re great people, they’ve all been relocated to other locations,” says Sam Spencer, owner of SOS Tire and Auto.

Spencer’s SOS Tire and Auto had just closed for the day when the tornado struck.  His surveillance cameras were rolling right at 5:57 p.m. when the storm roared through.  Another camera from inside his business shows the exact moment his roof was ripped a part and all the debris falling to the ground.

“The next day after the tornado, I looked around and there were 75 people here all pitching in.  How lucky we are as a community that no one was killed,” he says.

The Salvation Army also received extensive damage.  Crews have been working on repairs.  Officials plan to reopen Monday.







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