Video: ‘Storm Chase TV’ gets a little too close to deadly Oklahoma tornado

ELK CITY, Okla. (NBC News) – Ever wonder what it’s like to ride out a tornado in a car?

Well, check this out.

This crew from “Storm Chase TV” was in western Oklahoma Tuesday when a fast moving tornado moved right in front of their vehicle.

Other than some fried nerves and a broken windshield, the crew was ok.

That wasn’t the case for people in the near community of Elk City.

One person was killed and at least 40 homes were leveled in the massive storm.

Crews will be out this morning to begin clean up and get a better assessment of the damage.

In another video you can see a truck hit a wet spot in the road, lose control and slide into the median, nearly colliding with an oncoming vehicle.

When the video is slowed down you can see the truck is just feet from a major collision.

But instead the guardrail stops the truck and oncoming traffic is just showered in mud.

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