Scores of code violations found in Chatham County mobile home park

(WESTERN CHATHAM COUNTY) Chatham County code enforcement inspectors return to the Highland Woods Mobile Home Park to check for compliance after complaints of hurricane damage that had not been dealt with. Carla Law, a 13 year resident, contacted News 3 last month about her safety concerns. Inspectors were dispatched to investigate the complaints a day after our story aired. Highland Woods, owned by A&W Ventures, LLC, has a long history with the code enforcement office. The inspection triggered by the WSAV report found nearly as many code violations in a single visit as they’ve found there in the last 15 years combined.

Since 2002, 88 code violation citations have been issued by Chatham County against Highland Woods. Catherine Neal-Glasby, Public Information Officer for the county, says last month’s inspection revealed 71 separate code violations. “They were principally derelict vehicles and debris and trash.” Glasby said. May 16th was set for the compliance deadline and inspectors are reviewing the findings from their most recent visit to determine the next course of action. Glasby says if management at Highland Woods has not complied, a court date to deal with it will be set before a magistrate. Attempts to get comments or reaction from management at Highland Woods were not successful. The leasing office was locked and empty, the same as the first visit before the code enforcement inspection.

Law, the resident who first voiced her concerns, is one of the people cited in that inspection. Law says the notice she received is for putting up a privacy fence. “So of course we took it down and going back to get a permit to put it back up. I wasn’t aware that puttin’ up a fence, caused, you know, you had to have a permit.” Law said. She says even with the citation, she would do it all over again, if it makes her neighborhood safer. Law says there is a sense of pride that comes from stepping up to speak out. “It feels good. I mean, I’m very appreciative to everybody that has stepped in and has stayed on top of this and makin’ sure that our, where we live, our home that we call home, is a better place for our families and our children.” said Law. News 3 will continue to follow developments with this story.

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