Scam Artists Take Advantage of 90 Year Old Man

Senior citizens are vulnerable and we aren’t the only ones who know it. Scam artists prey on them.

Leon Stevenson can still drive and lives on his own, in his own home.
But police say some criminals took advantage of the 90 year old, and took away some treasured family items…

“I feel helpless, because i wasn’t here to protect him,” said Gregory Stevenson, Leon’s son.

That feeling Gregory Stevenson has stems from what scam artists did to his father Monday.

“They came to the carport door and were talking to him about flooring,” said Stevenson.
“He was interested in what he was selling, but he couldn’t stand very long. So he invited them into the house. Mistake number one.”
“They kept distracting him, covering up and there was a third guy he never saw. Nobody else saw him either.”
“We had valuables locked behind a door and we broke open a door and stole all those valuables.”
“The other two left claiming they were going to get samples, and they never came back.”

The men, one who walked with a cane, left with coins, Gregory’s grandfather’s pocket watch. and his mother’s wedding ring. His mother died 21 years ago.

But Gregory was still thankful for what they didn’t do.

“If they weren’t able to break in that door to get those valuables. there’s no telling what they would have done to him,” said Stevenson.

“If it sounds too good to be true it probably is,” said Garden City Police Chief David Lyons.

Garden City Police Chief David Lyons says as soon as his investigators get a handle on one scam.. a new one pops up.

“If you don’t know what this product is or what this service is take your time and back away from it, you don’t have to do anything,” explained the Chief.
“You can always call police and we will always check it out. if these people are legitimate and need something we will help them.”

Lyons says the biggest thing to remember, don’t open the door for anyone you don’t know.

The Chief does recommend cameras in the yard or connected to your doorbell.

Senior Citizens Inc tells News 3:
None of us want to feel like we can’t take care of ourselves but the bottom line is that there are, unfortunately, people that will take advantage of opportunities, so we all  have to minimize those openings.

We caution older adults that they need to follow the same guidelines that we were taught as a child.
–    Don’t open the door until you have verified that it is someone you know.
–    Don’t tell anyone that you are alone or give out personal information.
–    Follow your instincts…if you feel that something isn’t right, it’s ok to be “rude” and hang up or shut the door.  Someone who isn’t trying to take advantage of you, will understand.
–    Don’t go out alone.  It’s more fun to have a companion and MUCH safer.
–    Be aware of your surroundings, and
–    Be careful!

A neighbor did get a good look at the car, which was a black sedan. One of the suspects in this case was walking with a cane.

If you can help find them – call Garden City Police or Crimestoppers right away at (912) 234-2020.


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