NBC announces fall lineup: ‘This is Us’ and ‘Will & Grace’ combine for ‘Must See TV’

(NBC) – A breakout hit and and old favorite’s return are among the highlights of NBC’s fall schedule.

“This is Us” will have a new home on Thursday nights this fall.

Moving the breakout hit is part of an effort to restore the luster of “Must See TV” that includes bringing back one of the hits from those glory days, “Will & Grace”. New episodes will lead off the night.

“The chemistry’s there, the affection’s there. It just feels like a magical show,” says Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment.

Thursday will also see the return of “Great News” with Tina Fey joining in a recurring role.

“Law & Order” is launching a new franchise, “True Crime.” The limited series will focus on the 1980s Menendez murders and star Edie Falco as defense attorney Leslie Abramson.

Mondays will see the arrival of the military drama “The Brave”. Anne Heche stars as the leader of a special ops team.

“They’re giving commands that we have to carry out. And when people die from the command they’re given, that’s a
tough thing to swallow,” says co-star Mike Vogel.

Changes to the weekly schedule include “Superstore” and “The Good Place” moving to Tuesdays after “The Voice”.

“The Blacklist” will shift to the lead off spot on Wednesday nights, with “Blindspot” starting off Fridays, followed by “Taken”.

“Timeless” is also getting a second chance. Days after cancelling the time travel drama, the network had a change of heart. It will return in 2018.

Dedicated fans helped change the network’s mind.

“Their passion for the show and their anger at the cancellation was heard,” says star Matt Lanter.

More: http://bit.ly/2pNH6y5

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