“It’s a shame”; Food banks react to canned goods theft, share information on pantries countywide

Postal Workers Help to "Stamp Out Hunger" in Our Area (Image 1)

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Thousands of pounds of food is on its way to local Coastal Georgia food banks to be stocked up for the summer. All of it came through the “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive. One homeowner’s donation though did not make it to the food bank. That’s because it was taken right off of her mailbox.

Tonight we reached out to food banks on how this type of crime can be prevented, but shows the growing problem of hunger in our community.

“It’s a shame that there are people struggling with hunger so much in that they have to worry about doing things like that,” says America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia executive director Mary Jane Crouch.

We don’t know the woman’s situation as to why she would steal the canned goods meant to go for those in need. Perhaps she was in need herself.

“We need to make sure people have food,” says Crouch whose food bank will launch a new feeding program in June.

The food taken was going towards Second Harvest’s summer programs that focus on helping feed kids while they are out of school.

“The food we collected Saturday night will go out to the community through those different pantries.”

Pantries like The Social Apostolate, it’s open daily during the week giving groceries to families.

In Sister Julie’s opinion that’s because fewer pantries are operating. We found that Second Harvest serves more than forty smaller, non-profit food pantries. So if this food is readily available to those in need, why steal it?

“It should not be an embarrassment, we need to make sure everyone goes to bed with good, good meals,” says Crouch.

“If you come here, we’re not going to judge you, we’re going to help you if we can, we do require an ID and a utility bill to prove because we only give food to one person in each household and that’s the head of the household,” adds Sister Julie.

Hours of operation are different for every food pantry, but the information on when and where to get help is not hard to find.

“So I encourage them to call their local faith-based organizations, look on our website and things like that to get that food assistance,” adds Crouch.

Below is a list the Apostolate list of local pantries for the dates and times they provide grocery assistance.

Weekly Pantry Guide

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