Experts warn of more fallout from ransomware cyber-attack

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNN) – Experts are calling the “Wanna-Cry” virus the largest cyber-attack in history. The massive hack bringing business to a screeching halt for companies around the globe late Friday. The identity of the hackers is still unknown.

After a weekend of fallout, experts are concerned that the problem could expand as the work week starts.

According to Rob Wainwright, Executive Director, Europol “The Numbers are rising again.”

Law enforcement officials around the world emphasizing that the threat from Friday’s massive, global cyber-attack is not over yet.

“We’ve never seen anything on this scale,” Wainwright said. “And our concern is the way in which – for the first time we’ve seen something that combines the ransomware with a worm functionality.”

The concern is that as employees return to work Monday and fire up their desktops, they’ll fall victim to the virus that froze hundreds of thousands of computers over the weekend.

“The infection of one computer triggers rather remotely the infection of an entire networks.”

The ransomware known as Wanna-Cry,  exploits a vulnerability in outdated versions of Microsoft Windows, locking down all of a computer’s files–the hackers then demanding hundreds of dollars in ransom to relinquish control of the files.

Microsoft’s chief legal officer said Sunday that the company is working to address the problem, but also said companies have a responsibility to update their systems and that governments must do more to proactively fight cyber threats.

The security flaw that hackers used was made public after information was stolen from the NSA.

A UK security researcher found a way to stem the initial spread of the virus, but Europol Director Rob Wainwright says that the solution was merely a temporary one.

“The Cyber criminals are already responding to that and issued a variant of the threat that gets beyond that.”

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