Pet of the Week: Mother’s Day Edition

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s and puppy mom’s out there. Today we had Cornelia Stumpf from One Love Animal Rescue share her story about what we like to call a “foster fail.”

Here is Cora’s story:

She went with a broken leg last August to Animal Control.  Nobody claimed her and she needed a rescue or her leg would have been amputated.

One Love Animal Rescue took her out and took care( with the help of several generous people) of her operation( the brake was a bit complicated). She had to be absolutely crate bound for weeks, which turned into months. Her first foster mom, had a car accident and could not take care of her anymore, as she had to be carried to go potty only. This was her only outing for weeks.

I took her in one week before Matthew, she rode out the hurricane with us and our four other adopted rescue dogs; she was a  perfect little girl. She went to several adoption events, but nothing worked out, in the meantime she made friends with my dogs, especially the two younger boys and I decided that she has found a home

Cornelia adopted Cora last month and says she is a happy, active, crazy girl, who is a real tomboy and always playing catch and tug of war with the boy dogs.

Check out or email to adopt today!

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