Hunger drive donations stolen off of mailbox, homeowner catches the theft on video

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – This weekend’s “Stamp Out Hunger” event gathered hundreds of food items. One homeowner’s donation didn’t make it to the food bank though. That’s because it was stolen right off of her mailbox.

“Every year when the mail carriers do their, drive I participate.”

It was a day meant to donate to those in need. Marvis HInson received a call from her neighbor Saturday afternoon. Her bags were gone.

“To have it be put out and then removed, well that was a bit upsetting,” says Hinson

She looked at her home video, it shows a woman driving up to her mailbox at her Georgetown home and taking the bags with the donated food in them..

“It was really sad because my first thought was, my goodness, I think even if she had come and rung the doorbell and said ‘can I have the food?’ I’d say yes if you need it take it,” Hinson says.

Hinson says she does not recognize the woman or want to incriminate her for taking the goods. She hope that they help her and that if she needs more help, to go to the local food banks that offer support.

“Everybody has gone through some time in their life were they were really in need, any situation, but there are always people there who can help,” says Hinson.

In Savannah, dozens of churches offer food pantries for the public. The canned food drive specifically goes to the Feeding America local affiliate in America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia.This food bank also displays what locations those in need can go to receive food.

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