Taking Mom to the movies? Here’s a look at this week’s box office releases

(NBC) – If your Mother’s Day weekend plans include taking Mom to a movie, there are several selections coming to theaters with everything from a mother-daughter comedy to a Camelot adventure.

A son of anarchy becomes ruler of the realm in “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  Charlie Hunnam is a common street rat in Jude Law’s kingdom. But when he pulls a sword from a stone, removable only by royalty, King Jude will do anything to keep the crown.  “King Arthur” is rated pg-13.

Amy Schumer takes a slay-cation in “Snatched.” She and mom Goldie Hawn travel to South America after Schumer gets dumped. But this pity party may never end as the gringas are kidnapped, and they’ll have to overcome years of mother-daughter differences to escape. “Snatched” is rated R.

Soldiers battle a hidden enemy in “The Wall.” Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena play military men in the Iraqi desert. But when Cena is hit by a sniper’s bullet, the trigger man begins a psychological war that can only end in death. “The Wall” is rated R.

Diane Lane takes the long way home in “Paris Can wait.” She’s married to inattentive movie producer Alec Baldwin. So when he jets off on a sudden business trip, she learns to stop and smell the roses on a long car ride with an old friend. “Paris Can Wait” is in limited release.

Also out this week: The East LA story “Lowriders.”


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