Savannah Arts Academy rolls out the red carpet

Supporters await the arrival of student filmmakers at the Savannah Arts Academy Film Festival.

Some Savannah students got the Hollywood treatment Friday night for the annual Savannah Arts Academy film festival.

They arrived in limousines for the 12th annual event. After the red carpet portion, the students and their supporters went into the auditorium to screen student work.

They entered several different categories: commercials, PSA’s, Mood Pieces, Movie Trailers and Short Films.

“I worked with a big crew,” said Xavier Mikell. “It took like two months to do. It’s exciting to see all your hard work pay off and see it on the screen.”

“It’s really cool to see what the high schoolers can do at this level,” said Mary Clark. “They actually look very professional and it’s really amazing to see that and it just kind of inspires you to go and do what you love.”

“Honestly, it’s more than just in the classroom,” said Chandler New. “These projects take weeks and even sometimes months to do so even with your friends after school you’re going to have to sacrifice something to go work on your project.”

Savannah Arts Academy was recently named by the Washington Post as the 10th most challenging high school in Georgia.

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