Businesses soar for Mother’s Day

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Some businesses in our area is booming this weekend Mother’s Day. Bakeries, like Filrt with Dessert on Wilmington Island, are working overtime to get your order in and they aren’t the only ones with their hands full.

“It’s kinda really hectic,” Casper Grant, a florist, said. “We’ve got orders goin out the door. We’ve got designers in the back that’s working full blast. Flowers coming in. Flowers going out. We’ve got them going from here all the way to Richmond Hill, Savannah, Wilmington Island, so we’ve got them going in and out all day long.”

More than 15,000 shops around the U.S., just like Pink House Florist in Savannah, are working to make this Mother’s Day filled with tokens of love.

“Valentine’s is our biggest, Mother’s day is our second, so they come in all the time and this week after we get all the orders in now they’re coming in more,” Grant said. “So we have lots and lots and lots of orders.”

Grant, one of the many hard-working florists, said people start putting orders in as soon as February 15th.

They’ve received more than 75 orders in a single day.

“A florist stays busy constantly on Mother’s Day,” Grant said.

Experts said 69% of gifts on Mother’s Day are spent on flowers and $1.9 billion is spent on these floral arrangements.

“We have unique vases that you can come in and pick your own vase and we’ll make the flowers in those vases,” Grant said. “We have corsages for Mothers on Mother’s Day Sunday going to church. Whatever the customer likes, that’s what we make.”

And florists said there’s no such thing as a last minute order.

“We take orders 24 hours a day,” Grant said. “The phone lines are open, so anytime you want to call and make an order just call in and we’ll fill the order for you.”

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