Baby goat yoga is officially happening in the Lowcountry

RIDGELAND, Sc. (WSAV) – It’s a new form of yoga, yoga on a farm… but rather yoga with the farm on top of you. It’s called baby goat yoga. It’s been popping up across the US… and it is officially here in the Lowcountry.

Humble Hills Farms teamed up with Art, Massage, and Yoga Therapy in Hilton Head to bring the new kind of stress relief to Ridgeland.

“I thought I’d give it a go. I don’t know anyone around here that has that has more goats than me… so *laughs* I thought if someone’s gonna do it, it should probably be me,” said Kelsey Price, owner of Humble Hills Farms.

“She’s the animal lady, and I’m the yoga lady,” said April Lewis a yoga instructor in Hilton Head, “We figure we do beach yoga, kids yoga, paddle board yoga, so bring it to the farm!”

The class offers a less quiet yoga experience, with baby Nigerian Dwarf goats and silkies to make you forget all of your troubles.

You can feed them milk from baby bottles and leaves from branches. They’ll climb on you, and challenge you ab workout… some of these babies will even take a little nap on your mat.

“It’s so much more fun to have like your little furry companions,” said Jessica Williams, “One got on my lap at one point and was like laying on my stomach, it was awesome.”

“My sister in law lives in Hilton Head and I live in Beaufort, so it was a way for us to get together… and we like to do crazy things,” said Eve Heaton, “So when she said…yoga with goats..I was all on top of it… It was a nice way to end the day.”

“I love the goats but I’d have to say the chicks were pretty cool like they’d climb up on your shoulders and just sit there,” said Abby White.

One of the participants even got the Silkies to sit on his feet for a hand stand.

“People who don’t get to spend a lot of time on farms or with farm animals, it’s kind of therapeutic out here, you can take in the view a little bit and play with the baby animals, and let off some steam in kind of a fun way,” said Price.

The classes are open to anyone for $25 dollars, you can find available classes on their Facebook page at Humble Hills Farms.

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