Weather Wise Kids: How does weather impact running?

Great question Somayia! To answer this one I will have to head outside!

The perfect running weather for Storm Team 3 Meteorologist Ariella Scalese is sunshine and temperature in the 80’s. While “the perfect running weather” may vary from person to person, everyone can agree running in wind can be frustrating.

When you are running with the wind at your back, life seems wonderful…but when the wind is blowing at 20 mph in your face life can feel quite difficult. It’s the weather condition every runner will suffer with, but also the one that can provide significant benefits.

Research suggests running into a wind equal to or faster than the pace you are running, can make your mile time 12 seconds slower.  But if that same wind is behind you, it could make your mile time 6 seconds faster!

Also if it’s a colder day experts say you’d want to run into the wind on the way out and away from the wind on your way back.That way you won’t get cold on your way home.

The opposite is true on a hot day. Experts suggest running with the wind on the way out and against the wind on the way home.

This way you are using the wind to cool your body temperature down.Thanks for the question and happy running!


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