NC governor ‘shocked’ over denial of federal funds for Hurricane Matthew

RALEIGH, N.C. (CNN/NBC) – Federal funds for hurricane recovery in North Carolina come in well below what the state requested.

North Carolina asked the federal government for more than $900 million dollars to help the Tarheel State rebuild following Hurricane Matthew last year.

On Wednesday, Governor Roy Cooper announced they’ve only been granted $6.1 million in relief money.

That’s less than one-percent of the state’s request.

Cooper says the move is a failure in the trump administration.

In a press briefing, Gov. Cooper said, “I was shocked and disappointed to see the paltry amount of money that was appropriated out of a $930 million request that was conservative. Only $6.1 million was approved in this continuing resolution. What we need is help with affordable housing to get people safe affordable places to live. We need help with infrastructure. We need help with our small businesses and our public buildings.”

Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina in October of last year as a category one storm.

It killed 25 people and left parts of the state underwater for days.

Cooper says he invited President Trump and congressional leaders to North Carolina to tour the affected areas.


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